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Monday, May 16th, 2005
9:42 pm
More Hamm Icons!!!
hamm iconsCollapse )

Current Mood: busy
Friday, April 8th, 2005
6:26 pm
Hamm Icons Finally!!
I know I have promised these to you girls and just haven't posted them, but here they are finally!! Plus, the desktop I made for my computer and am totally drooling over 24-7.

iconsCollapse )

desktopCollapse )

Current Mood: amused
Friday, March 25th, 2005
12:09 pm
Since I know you all love my icons!! Here are more!! Mar I did make the ones I said I would!! LOL

Teaser (my favorite one):
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

All hereCollapse )

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
10:39 pm
More icons!!
more Hamm iconsCollapse )

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Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
10:52 pm
More icons!! Surprise anyone? LOL
Steph there is one for you!!!

Here we go:

a couple iconsCollapse )

P.S. Of early tonight cause I have to work early tomorrow!! AT 5:45am

Current Mood: naughty
Friday, March 4th, 2005
12:23 am
Icon making spree!!
OK I went on another icon making spree today, well here is what I came up with!! Plus, I made a couple for Ryn and I while I was talking to her!! LOL They are funny!! Well here goes!! Feel free to use any you want!!

More Hamm iconsCollapse )

Current Mood: amused
Saturday, January 8th, 2005
10:23 pm
Eric Bana ColorbarCollapse )

Johnny Depp ColorbarCollapse )

Orlando Bloom ColorbarCollapse )

Troy ColorbarCollapse )

2 Jason Isaacs ColorbarsCollapse )

Elijah Wood ColorbarCollapse )

Billy Boyd ColorbarCollapse )

Viggo MortensenCollapse )

Rupert GrintCollapse )

Sean Bean ColorbarsCollapse )

Viggo colorbarsCollapse )

Samwise GamgeeCollapse )

David ThewlisCollapse )

Ewan McGregorCollapse )

Daniel RadcliffeCollapse )

Harry PotterCollapse )

Tom FeltonCollapse )

Draco MalfoyCollapse )

Professor LockhartCollapse )

Sean BiggerstaffCollapse )

Oliver WoodCollapse )

Professor QuirrellCollapse )

Remus LupinCollapse )

Alan RickmanCollapse )

Professor SnapeCollapse )

Lucius MalfoyCollapse )

Tom RiddleCollapse )

Rupert GrintCollapse )

James & Oliver PhelpsCollapse )

Hamm colorbarsCollapse )

Ian ThorpeCollapse )

Andy RoddickCollapse )

some Olympic HottiesCollapse )

Michael PhelpsCollapse )

Elijah WoodCollapse )

Sean AstinCollapse )

Elijah and SeanCollapse )

I am taking requests in my colorbar journal. Click on the links of the colorbars for the codes and more colorbars are in my colorbar journal!!

Cross posted everywhere!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: anxious
Thursday, January 6th, 2005
2:08 am
Hamm Mini Movie Icons!!
Well I experimented a little with making some Hamm mini movie icons and here is how they turned out! Tell me what you think!!

A smaller version of #1

Any suggestions, let me know!!

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, December 9th, 2004
10:47 am
Hamm Twins Mood Theme
I finally made one!!mood theme hereCollapse )
If you want to use!! Just please credit me!! It took a long time!!
Friday, December 3rd, 2004
4:38 pm
Another icon post!!
Haha I know you guys love my icons, so here is another one!! LOL

Paul HammCollapse )

Morgan HammCollapse )

Hamm TwinsCollapse )

US Mens Gymnastics TeamCollapse )

Hamm Twins and Michael PhelpsCollapse )

Michael PhelpsCollapse )

Timothy GoebelCollapse )

Current Mood: creative
Thursday, December 2nd, 2004
10:30 am
Huge Icon Post!
This is all of the icons I have done recently, since I haven't posted them in quite some time!!
PaulCollapse )

MorganCollapse )

twinsCollapse )

Michael PhelpsCollapse )

Tim GoebelCollapse )

Blaine WilsonCollapse )

Ian ThorpeCollapse )

cross posted everywhere!!

Current Mood: artistic
Monday, November 22nd, 2004
11:32 am
Made more icons!
Look under here for the first post of them!!
More iconsCollapse )

Current Mood: sore
Wednesday, November 10th, 2004
12:21 pm
Bases I made!!
Here are the bases that I made of the Hamm twins:

BasesCollapse )

Current Mood: sore
12:16 pm
Went on an icon making spree last night!!
Hope you guys like, they are the Hamm twins, of course:

check hereCollapse )

Current Mood: drained
Wednesday, October 27th, 2004
11:04 pm
Cool Paul and Morgan Hamm Website
Hey guys, I am making a really big projects page for Paul and Morgan Hamm. It has alot of stuff on it. There is more that I have made but they wont be added till January. There the very first Paul and Morgan Hamm Fan Fiction book that is going out the week before christmas. So I am still needing stories for that. I have a fan picture/letter dvd that is going out for news years and there is a milk stash fan picture project for Paul and lots more....Come on by and check it out!

Tuesday, October 26th, 2004
11:19 pm
"Hello everyone; my name is LeftyGirl02, and I'm a Hamm-a-holic."

So anyway, I recently went to BlogNet and searched Morgan's name. The only result was this little post which reads:

" HAhahhahaa..Paul Hamm won!!! Weeepeeeee....heheh.... yup yup.. the cute twin of Morgan Hamm's the gold medalist for men's individual gymnastics!!"

Cute twin? What on earth is that all about? Grrr.
Monday, October 25th, 2004
1:29 pm
Twins together during first tour
Twins together during their 2000 tour

more hot twins here!!Collapse )

Current Mood: naughty
1:20 pm
Morgan during first Rock ~N~ Roll Tour
Morgan during the 2000 tour

more Morgan here!!Collapse )

Current Mood: naughty
1:13 pm
Paul during first Rock ~N~ Roll Tour
Paul during the 2000 tour

more Paul here!!Collapse )

Current Mood: naughty
1:03 pm
Now for the twins!!
Hot twins pics!!

twins hereCollapse )

Current Mood: naughty
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